How We Use Your Donations

The work of the Bateman Foundation largely depends on the financial support received from individuals, corporations and governments in the form of gifts, donations, grants and volunteer support. Your funds are used to support the development and delivery of education programs, special events, new exhibitions, fundraising, and some administration costs. We make every effort to keep the administrative and fund-raising costs as low as possible and rely tremendously on volunteer support.

Does the Bateman Foundation pay Robert Bateman or Birgit Freybe Bateman?

Robert Bateman and Birgit Freybe Bateman are among the most dedicated supporters and largest donors of the Foundation. The original artworks on display in the Robert Bateman Centre are not for sale and all proceeds from the gallery and gift shop operations are contributed to the work of the Foundation.

Does the Bateman Foundation provide grants to other organizations?

No. The Bateman Foundation is not a grant provider. The Foundation is an independent, non-partisan organization dedicated to our mission to inspire a passion for nature in people of all ages, through the arts, observation, experience and dialogue. We do participate in funding of ‘partnership’ programs that may be originated by other organizations.