Gift Acceptance Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy

The Bateman Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization registered in Canada. The Bateman Foundation accepts donations to fulfill its mission to inspire a passion for nature in people of all ages, through the arts, observation, experience and dialogue.

The purpose of the Gift Acceptance Policy is to provide guidance to the Board of Directors and staff regarding which gifts can be accepted and how they should be processed. The policy also provides useful information for individual, foundation, corporation or government organization interested in supporting the Bateman Foundation.

The Bateman Foundation accepts gifts, donations, grants and supporting funds from individuals, foundations, organizations, associations, workplace groups and corporations. According to the Canadian Revenue Agency, a gift is considered “a voluntary transfer of property without consideration.” The types of gifts that are deemed eligible for acceptance by the Bateman Foundation include the following:

  • outright gifts of cash, cheques and cash equivalents;
  • gifts of property (including real estate, art and jewelry);
  • publicly traded securities (including stocks, mutual funds and bonds); and
  • bequests, life insurance policies and annuities.

All publicly traded securities and gifts of property are sold immediately and a charitable tax receipt is issued for the fair market value as soon as possible after the date of the transfer. In the event that the Bateman Foundation receives artifacts, real estate or land that is not readily marketable, it may hold on to the asset for future sale provided there is no risk associated with the acceptance.

Ethical Gift Acceptance Policy

The Bateman Foundation maintains strict ethical guidelines in our Gift Acceptance and Collections Acquisition Policy and only accepts gifts, donations and acquisitions when we are certain that they are in compliance with our charitable mission. We reserve the right at all times to decline any gift or donation that we believe may undermine our commitment to Nature and may undermine our integrity or damage the reputation and ongoing work of the Foundation.

For further detailed information please contact Cassie Holcomb, Development and Communications Manager by phone at 250-940-3626 x303 or by email at .

Details about our Ethical Gift Acceptance Policy and Collections Acquisition Policy are provided for your review.