Robert Bateman 2020 Wall Calendar – Illumination


Celebrate nature’s light and colour through the stunning paintings of Robert Bateman. Each month features a full colour reproduction of life illuminated in nature with accompanying introductions and drawings by Robert.

We are pleased to have partnered with Hemlock Printing to produce the 2020 Robert Bateman Calendar 100% carbon neutral and 100% Canadian made. Measures 10″ x 14″. All proceeds support the nature-based programming of the Bateman Foundation.

“Light is always a major consideration in my art. It was not always this way. As a budding bird painter in my teens I was influenced by artists such as Allan Brooks and Louis Agassiz Fuertes, not to mention John James Audubon. In those cases there was seldom a point of view of light. This was perhaps in order to show the feather colour to best advantage. During my 20s I was influenced by artists such as Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hooper who used light to enhance their realism. The only kind of lighting I don’t like and never use is front lighting, as one gets with a simple flash camera. That flattens the subject. My favourite lighting is back lighting or rim lighting. This year’s calendar gathers together a collection of paintings depicting various treatments of light – sunsets and early mornings, rainforests and wintery swamps. Nature’s pattern and form enhanced by illumination. It is all too easy to pass through this life only partially tuned in. I have to remind myself to metaphorically open my eyes and really see. I recommend spending time out observing nature. You will find something beautiful.” – Robert Bateman