Rooted in History: Celebrating the Garry Oak Ecosystem

Starting: May 3rd 2017 — Ending: June 25th 2017


The Robert Bateman Centre is pleased to host the Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team and their exhibit Rooted in History: celebrating the Garry Oak ecosystem.

Artists will exhibit two-dimensional works depicting the beauty of this significant ecosystem. The exhibit will highlight, not only the beauty, but the plight of this endangered environment as seen through the eyes of artists. In Canada, Garry oak ecosystems exist only on southern Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and two areas along the Fraser River. Less than 5% of these ecosystems remain in a near-natural condition; they are in decline, mainly due to habitat loss as a result of land development.

Join us as we raise awareness about the Garry Oak Ecosystems and inspire action for their conservation and restoration.

Call to Artists

The unique beauty of the Garry oak has inspired the imagination of many creative souls; but there is more to this story that needs a stage. Its ecosystem supports over 100 species of plants and animals at risk, all worthy of the attention of a painter’s brush or photographer’s lens. Through their art, artists are invited to shine a light on this important issue: the survival of this precious and rare ecosystem.

Artists are asked to create a two-dimensional work inspired by the Garry oak ecosystem. Selected works will be displayed at the Robert Bateman Centre Gallery from May 3rd to June 25th. All works will be available for purchase and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Garry Oak Ecosystems Recover Team to support their environmental work.

How to Submit

Artists wishing to submit work are asked to download the submission form, and email a completed form to

Submissions are due April 1st 2017. Selected artists will be notified by April 11th 2017.

Artists are asked to pay special attention to the ecosystem of the Garry oak and not to include any invasive species. For a list of invasive species, please visit this link:

For a list of species that are supported by the Garry oak ecosystem, such as the Western Bluebird, the Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly, the Common Camas, and the White Fawn Lily, please visit

For submission questions please contact

About GOERT 

The Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team (GOERT) Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery of Garry oak and associated ecosystems in Canada and the species at risk that inhabit them.

The Recovery Team is made up of advisors brought together to coordinate the tasks of recovering Garry oak and associated ecosystems and their associated species at risk in Canada. Each member brings valuable expertise to the table, and most are affiliated with agencies already involved in GOE recovery. The team develops recovery strategies, evaluates the success of recovery efforts, advises responsible jurisdictions on recovery, and coordinates activities. 

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