Bateman’s Beginnings

Starting: March 5th, 2018 — Ending: June 10th, 2018

Exploring Robert Bateman’s impressionist past and his long journey into realism, featuring over 20 never-before-seen paintings.

March 5th – June 10th, 2018

Free 45 min. tours every Saturday and Tuesday at 2:00 pm with admission!!

Public Opening – March 10th

Many know Robert Bateman as Canada’s most recognised wildlife painter, but few knew of him as an impressionist painter before his rise to fame. Bateman’s Beginnings, an exhibit at the Robert Bateman Centre this spring, will show the rich depth of Bateman’s artistic talents that have spanned his entire life. Taking a deeper look at his impressionism, cubism and abstract landscapes, the exhibit highlights his long journey into nature realism. From early childhood doodles, to impressionist landscapes, to abstract wintery scenes, Bateman has always painted what is close to his heart. This exhibit will explore his earliest works which inspired him to become the artist the world came to know.

This unique exhibit at the Robert Bateman Centre will also focus on the influencial painters that impacted his art. This will be seen in a retrospective of 20 never-before-seen paintings pulled from the Bateman studio archives. In addition to Bateman’s unseen original landscapes, visitors will see highlights from well known artists that have influenced Bateman and helped shape the artist he is today. American painter Andrew Wyeth would serve as one of the pivotal transitions along Bateman’s journey from abstract impressionism to realism. Kimon Nicolaїdes’ book The Natural Way to Draw from 1941 was a major influence during Bateman’s university years. It pushed him to capture the essence of his subject matter with just a few bold strokes.

The Bateman’s Beginnings exhibit runs from March 5th to June 10, 2018 at the Robert Bateman Centre.