Bateman Nature 360

Starting: February 14th — Ending: February 28th

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”— Theodore Levitt

For artist Robert Bateman, art and creativity has the potential to engage the spirit in many different ways. Starting on February 14th, the Robert Bateman Centre will take that philosophy and adopt an innovative way to engage the spirit – through Virtual Reality. Visitors to the Bateman Centre can explore art and nature through new eyes by experiencing Robert Bateman – Art in 360, the Centre’s latest VR addition to the gallery. Bateman Art in 360 is the result of a partnership between The Bateman Foundation and Live It, a local high-tech company dedicated to engaging youth to digital immersive experiences in nature.

From February 14th – 28th, the Robert Bateman: Art in 360 virtual nature experience will be on display every afternoon between 2 pm – 5 pm along with virtual reality displays from local companies, including VR Lounge Infusion Entertainment and Lamazoo.

Robert Bateman – Art in 360 brings the outdoors to life using a combination of 3D art, 360 degree video, a voice over by Robert Bateman, and a surprise visit at the end to one of Mr Bateman’s favourite spots. The experience is sure to create excitement for those wanting to see nature with different eyes. For Mike Irvine – Co-Found of Live It,  this new way to experiencing nature will be transformative;  “Nature literacy is too often seen as a form of hope – hoping that things will get better – but if you focus on joy, and the experience of joy, then your audience makes an even deeper connection to the environment”. 

About Live It:
Live It is a company on the cutting edge of the digital classroom, it is an online portal that connects students grades 5-9 to experts in the field in real-time. Hailed by former IMAX rep Mike Lutz as “the evolution of the cinematic industry” and National Geographic’s Voices as the “#1 Innovative Breakthrough Saving our Ocean”, Fish Eye livestreamed two scuba dives off the coast of Vancouver Island in 2016 to over 140 classrooms, including IMAX theatres, which was a world’s first. The launch of the brand Live It, embodies Fish Eye Project’s passion for exploration and joy of learning, but extends it from sea to space.