Across the Pacific: Hand Painted Silk by Kim Michelle Toft

Starting: October 12th, 2019 — Ending: November 11th, 2019

Across the Pacific showcases the work of Australia-based artist, Kim Michelle Toft. A marine artist, author, illustrator and publisher, Toft has produced several books that introduce children to the wonders of the fragile ocean ecosystem. Her children’s books depict vibrant underwater worlds hand-painted on silk, and this short and sweet exhibition is a magical and meaningful introduction to her wildlife work.

Like Robert Bateman, Kim Michelle Toft began her career in teaching, before embarking on a career change to become a graphic designer, and now a full-time artist and illustrator. She has now hosted 19 solo exhibitions around the world and her first four children’s books all received national and international awards. Since then, she has been invited to be a featured artist on the prestigious international organization, Artists for Conservation.

Through my marine art and books I hope to highlight the importance of the conservation of our oceans and the coastal habitats which support them… Children are our future and I believe my books are valuable tools towards heightening awareness of the need to preserve many of our endangered sea creatures and the oceans they live in.

To see a snippet of Kim Michelle Toft in action, the video below is a time lapse of her intricately painting one of her creations across a 40-hour time period: