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headshot Peter Ord – Executive Director –  Ph: 250-940-3626 x305

Born and bred in the Far East, Peter first came to Canada in 1982 to receive his BA in Economics and Asian & Pacific Studies from UVic. He subsequently worked in the corporate world of London, UK until deciding on a different career path in 1992 by pursuing a MA in Social Anthropology & Archaeology from Edinburgh University. He moved to Vancouver in 1996 and became founder & principal of Archaeomark Consulting, a cultural resource management company working with First Nations. Before joining the Bateman Foundation as Managing Director in 2015, Peter was Vice-President of Knowledge, Collection & Archives at Royal BC Museum and Director of the Penticton Museum in the Okanagan. The outdoors is his key passion and spends most of his time with his wife and two children exploring adventures on land and water.

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headshot Sarah Theophilus – Head of Retail –  Ph: 250-940-3626 x303
Born in the UK, Sarah moved to Canada as a child and spent her youth painting or outside in nature. After studying Psychology at UVic, she returned to her artistic roots to become a successful animal artist for over 10 years, later taking a sabbatical to return to sales and online development. She was thrilled to join the Bateman Foundation in 2015, bringing together her love of art & nature once again.
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headshot Carey-Lynn Link – Head of Learning –  Ph: 250-940-3626 x303
Carey-Lynn moved to Victoria from Saskatchewan. She is a professional artist & teacher who has owned & run her own art school, teaching children & adults for over 25 years.  Carey-Lynn had the privilege of attending the Robert Bateman Masterclass in 2010.  Although born a prairie girl, the ocean has always been her happy place. She is extremely honored to have the opportunity to work at the Bateman Foundation.
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Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 11.32.21 AM Courtney Zylstra – Head of Art & Visitor Experience –  Ph: 250-940-3626  x309
Courtney hails from the beautiful Haliburton Highlands of Ontario, but with a call from the ocean and mountains she made her way to Victoria. She is pleased to be working at the Bateman Foundation and Gallery of Nature, using her Bachelor of Studio Arts from the University of Guelph combined with her passion for the natural world. She admires a good hike especially if it has a rewarding view.
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headshot Lauren Ball – Head of Marketing & Communications –  Ph: 250-940-3626 x302
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Monica head shot Monica – Gallery, Gift Shop & Events Assistant  – 
An admirer of Bateman since the 1970’s and involved with the Bateman Foundation and Gallery since it opened in 2013, Monica has been inspired by Robert Bateman to follow her dreams and aspirations. She has a passion for animals, nature, art, travel and photography that has evolved with a photo-journalistic focus on wildlife and conservation to infuse wonder and joy into life, give pleasure to the senses, and exalt the mind.
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Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 9.15.23 AM Meaghan Ball  Team Co-ordinator, Gallery & Gift Shop Assistant – 
Being an Islander, Meaghan loves the waves and the fresh ocean air, which influences a lot of her artwork. Having a retail and artistic background, she is passionate about exploring different types of art mediums and connecting with people. Meaghan is delighted to work at the Bateman Foundation.
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shirley Shirley Anne  Gallery, Gift Shop & Events Assistant –
For multidisciplinary artist Shirley Anne, the study of anthropology and fine arts spurred an interest in cultural diversity and its expression. Precious art objects encountered during her extensive travels fostered inspiration and awe. For many years Shirley taught and was actively involved in arts advocacy while holding an extensive career in arts management.
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Deborah  Gallery & Gift Shop Assistant – 
Originally from Montreal, via a long and winding road, Deborah’s background combines film and photography production, and museum/archive audio-visual preservation. This is complemented by her curiosity about and love of the natural world, and explorations of landforms and their elements through mixed media visual works. She is very happy to be a part of the Bateman Foundation.
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Duncan Calveley Gallery & Gift Shop Assistant –
Duncan is a Medieval Studies grad from UVic, focusing on Chinese art and mortuary practices. He is passionate about exploring the boundaries between reality and imaginary, natural and supernatural. His curiosity and drive to learn compliment his desire to incorporate sustainability and nature preservation in his day to day life.n.